My name is Julia, I started W/OMAN at 19 years old while studying business marketing at the University of Central Florida. We are a company for women by women, with each purchase benefiting women’s causes. From my earliest memories, I questioned why there were few women in leadership roles in corporate America, entertainment, and the sports industry. Not getting good answers, I envisioned that one day I would start a company dedicated to empowering women in our society. That day is now, I have launched W/oman, a company changing the rules so the next generations of girls know that they can do whatever they dream of, with or without the support of men. Each product we create sell benefits women’s initiatives in our communities, in our country, and around the globe. W/oman is new, we are passionate, we know our possibilities are endless because let’s face it, No one will ever look after women’s interests better than w/oman! Join me in this movement by supporting OUR brand created solely to lift women up to heights many never thought possible!


We just recently launched our brand and we are looking to grow our brand by seeking self-motivated and creative women.

If you are interested to learn more send us an email @


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